Brisbane Wedding photographer

Need a wedding photographer? Here’s why you should choose an AIPP professional.

So you’ve just become engaged & most likely, set the date! Congratulations! Now the hard part begins.

Choosing your vendors can be tough because let’s face it, they can make or break your day.

The right one will ensure your day goes as perfectly as you’ve envisioned.

Choose the wrong one & it can add much unwanted stress & heartache for you on your wedding day. And a long time after…

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer the best place to start is by finding an AIPP photographer. If you don’t know what that means, here’s the run down…

The AIPP is the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. What this means for you is the photographer you choose has been peer reviewed. Yep, we’ve had to submit a portfolio of our work & have it scrutinized by a panel of expert photographers to make sure we actually know what we’re doing. We are judged on composition, lighting & the quality of our work must be of a high industry standard.

Being an AIPP member also means that we’ve proven ourselves to run a ‘legitimate’ photography business (that means insurances, public liability & all the boring stuff that goes with running a business!).

We have proven that we deliver outstanding service & have very happy clients 🙂

We also must do all sorts of fun stuff! When it comes to photography we NEVER stop learning. So we must promise to attend industry events where we update our skills, learn new ones & keep abreast of changing styles, fashion & business practices.

We attend trade shows. This means we usually spend a lot of money buying new gear which of course, is a happy consequence 🙂

What it means for you as a client is…you get the best, up-to-date version of your photographer. A photographer that is current with photography trends, trustworthy & a true professional. We MUST abide by the AIPP code of practice from all aspects of photography AND business. We look after you from the time you book until you’re happily ever after.

So I ask you…who do you want to trust with your irreplaceable wedding images? Do you want a person who has a fancy camera & can take good pictures?

Or do you want a true professional who is accredited, skilled in their craft, invests time in continual education, invests many thousands of dollars in equipment, insurances & workshops to ENSURE you, their valued client will get the BEST possible photographer they can deliver on their wedding day.

After all, beautiful wedding imagery will last a lifetime. What value do you put on that?

So when you’re looking for your photographer, look for the logo.

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