Lawnton Photographer

Today on my morning walk I looked around for my ‘happiness’, & there on the footpath I found it. A dozen little dandelion flowers, destined to be mowed over soon. I was instantly transported back in time; a time when my (now teenaged) kids were toddlers & we would go on daily ‘adventures’ around the neighbourhood. Sometimes we were ‘going on a bear hunt’, other times looking for dinosaurs. Remember how active your imagination was when your kids were little?

I looked at these mundane little dandelion flowers & remembered how the kids would pick me bunches of them. They gave them to me with such pride. These flowers usually came with chubby little arms thrown around my neck & an “I love you Mummy”;  words given to me as proudly as the flowers. I looked at these flowers this morning & remembered a time when I couldn’t imagine how any other flower could possibly be more beautiful or precious than the dandelions my kids picked for me.

And my smile lasted the rest of my walk.

Look for your happiness today. I promise you it’s there, you may just have to search a little harder for it some days.

Happy weekend,