Newborn and family photographer North Lakes

Family photos are a funny thing. You go to your photographer with this image in your mind about having the “perfect” photo of your children. And then…well, kids happen 🙂

But what is perfect? A smiling toddler & sleeping newborn cuddling each other on the rug? Sure, those images are adorable & I love them. But I also LOVE a picture that tells a story. They say a “picture says a thousand words” & it’s true! And in Kate & Matt’s newborn session for baby Eli, the photos of Lochie with his baby brother say a lot. Here’s just a few…


“The rug is too fluffy!”

“Eli’s hurting my arm”

“I hate photos!”

“I don’t care about chocolates and iPads, I don’t want a photo!”



“Dude, seriously…chill. It’s just a photo!”

“Bro, what’s the big deal?”

“Hey, you said you loved me??”

The list is endless 🙂

And I LOVE these images! As much as the “perfect” ones make me smile, these ones make me laugh out loud!

But all that really matters is that you have these photos. Precious mementos of when your baby was little & your toddler had a mind all of his own. And of course most important of all, YOU were in the photos with your children too <3

If you’re having a baby I’d love to photograph your newborn. Siblings, co-operative or not, are always welcome 🙂

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