Newborn baby photographer North Brisbane

Newborn baby photographer North Brisbane

Be in your baby’s photos!
Many of my Mums don’t want their photo taken when they come to me for a newborn session. They’re tired, they feel like a train wreck or they just don’t like their post-baby body. And I get it, I really do. I have photos of me with my kids as babies & I look like a zombie. A zombie with a gigantic perm! And for your amusement, here is a really bad photo of me with my first born 19 years ago. I wish I’d had professional photos taken to avoid the ‘deer in headlights look’ & a better hair do but hey, at least I was in the photo.
When your baby is old enough to look at the photos, what do you think they will see? They’re not going to see your sleep deprivation, the bags under your eyes or that you’re carrying baby weight. They’re just going to see a beautiful photo of their loving Mum (or Dad) & THAT is why it’s so important to be in the photo. At the end of each newborn session, I always ask the Mums to have a cuddle with their baby while they’re dressing them. This is just a simple photo but when Amanda saw it, she commented that it was the first photo she’d had with her little girl.

And no matter how you feel about yourself at the time, a loving photo with your 2 week old baby is simply priceless

PS. No judgement on the perm please, I promise you they were very cool back in my day

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