North Brisbane photographer

So these last two months have been somewhat crazy for me. I have had weddings galore, two of which were very special as they were the weddings of people very dear to me. Added to this was a fabulous three week visit from my very crazy English cousin and her bestie, both of whom I adore (even though they “made” me drink Pina Colada’s during the day!). Thrown in the mix are my university studies (which are as enjoyable as running without a bra) and my overwhelming obsession with getting my studio finished as fast as inhumanly possible.
But… I am ecstatic to say that my studio is complete! This week my A.D.D has been in full swing! I have literally been busting my humps (and they’re pretty big) getting things ready for my studio. I have neglected my family (no idea who got fed this week) and stayed up crazy hours painting, sanding, no-more-gapping, more sanding and more freakin’ painting! Being ADD, OCD and impatient is exhausting, but…I get s*#t done!
To celebrate my fabulous new work space, I am giving away a FREE (yes, that’s right) studio session. This session is for a newborn (must be up to 14 days new), baby (of sitting age up to 12 months) OR maternity shoot. The give-away is for the session only but prints and digital files will be available for purchase. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please email me, message me and share this link on Facebook. Winner will be picked at random on Mother’s Day and session will be arranged subject to availability.

And yes, I earned every last drop of that bottle of red I cracked when my studio was finished 🙂