Pine Rivers formal photography

On Friday my handsome nephew had his formal and officially finished his high-school career. Along with 50 thousand other students. I’m sure right now he’s having a blast with thousands of other teens down the Gold Coast in what has become a rite of passage for year 12 students. And rightly so. They’ve worked hard, studied long hours and are totally entitled to celebrate with their peers before the reality of becoming a working adult or university student begins. So congratulations all year 12 students! I’m sure you’ll all be partying hard, but please be sure to party safe. Because I know what many parents are going through right now. I was there just 12 months ago. My sister-in-law is currently sleep-deprived and will probably be maniacal by the end of schoolies week. The constant angst you feel of knowing your child is out there alone in the world is terrifying! I mean, no one ever tells you when your baby is born that you NEVER stop worrying about them. EVER. The worries just change. My daughter is now 18 and going to clubs. I have more sleepless nights now than when I was a party-girl! And they’re nowhere near as exciting, let me tell you!

All we can do as parents is trust that we’ve taught (nagged, lectured, drilled into them subliminally whilst they sleep, whatever works!) everything they need to know to make the right choices. And at times like this I have never been more grateful for modern technology. We can at least stalk our children by proxy through the joys of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and good old fashioned text messaging.

So enjoy your week of celebrations, stay safe and make good choices. And good luck to all the parents eagerly awaiting their children’s safe arrival back home. I hope you all manage to get some sleep 🙂

And to our Kyle…I can hardly believe you’re now a young man. I can honestly say that we are all very proud of you, especially your Mum and Dad. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you. I’m sure whatever you chose to do, you will do it well.

Lots of Love Aunty Al and the rest of your fam xoxox