Same sex weddings-Brisbane wedding photographer

In light of the “YES” vote, there is now discussion about wedding vendors being able to provide, or rather, decline to provide services for same sex couples.

I would just like to voice my opinion, as loud as my written word can convey…


Seriously??? It makes no difference to me if you’re a same-sex couple or heterosexual couple. I am ALL about the love and everybody’s equal right to marry the person they love.

I have photographed three same-sex weddings and a transgender wedding over the past 20 years. I look forward to photographing more.

Because my experience with these weddings has been so beautiful.

To see these couples, who have undoubtedly faced discrimination and adversity, stand before their friends and family and promise their life-long commitment to each other has literally brought tears to my eyes. Seriously, I blubbered at every one!

The love, support and acceptance I witnessed at these unions was so very special and something I wish for ALL people.

Because really, don’t we all wish to find another person, be it friend, lover, husband or wife, who just loves and accepts us exactly as we are? Free from judgements or conditions?

It’s just acceptance plain and simple…and you will always find it here.

Today is a happy day for Australia!

Much love and acceptance,