Strathpine Newborn photographer

Last time I saw Amy and Jake was February last year when they became a “Mr and Mrs” and I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding 🙂 I often hear from my clients over the years when they have babies. It’s a real thrill for me personally to see a couple turn into a family. So I was excited to hear the news that Amy and Jake were having a little boy. Unfortunately geography meant that I wouldn’t get to meet their little man; Amy and Jake live in Mt Isa so it was unlikely we would have the chance to do any family photos.

However a few weeks ago Amy got in touch to let me know they were in Brisbane. Their little boy Otis, has had a very rough start to his short life. Otis was born in Mt Isa and due to complications during birth, was then transferred to Townsville. Just when Amy and Jake thought they could take Otis home, tests revealed Otis needed specialist treatment in Brisbane. Gorgeous little Otis is now 7 weeks old and he and his parents have been virtually living in hospitals.

It’s really no surprise that little Otis was none too keen on yet another person wrapping him, undressing him, putting him in bowls and crates, stealing the odd cuddle here and there, but I think we did okay? I wanted to include some special things that represent Otis’ tough journey in his 7 short weeks, so Amy brought along a beautiful blanket she has crocheted during her stay in hospital. Otis was also given a gorgeous little teddy made by the ‘Magnetic Island Crafters’ and a special handmade card from the nurses in Townsville.

So while you were a little unhappy today Otis, it was such a pleasure for me to meet you and see your Mum and Dad again. And I hope that you, Mum and Dad will all be back to your own home soon.

Love and cuddles,

Alison xx