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These Baby Photos Will Make You Smile

Who can relate? You’re having a bad day so you go searching for something, anything to make you smile. Well here you go! During my career as a photographer, the one thing guaranteed to make me smile is funny and cute baby photos. Well, that and dog photos but that’s for another time! I mean, newborn babies pull the funniest faces don’t they? Sure, we’re told they only smile because they have wind. But I’m pretty darn sure wind is nothing to smile about. I think they’re smiling because they know how much power they hold over us adults.  They’re like, “Look out world! I’m here!”.

Have you ever thought about the power a baby can wield over everyone around them? I know I’m guilty of turning from an educated, well-spoken, relatively normal human, into a complete gibbering idiot who talks like she’s had far too many tequila shots.

And this face is the reaction I get! Clearly I’m not speaking his language.

baby photos

Caption These Baby Photos

Often, when I’m taking baby photos I think of funny captions. You can almost see the speech bubble hanging over the baby’s head. Whatever this little guy is saying, it definitely starts with “Ooooooooooh”.

baby photos

This gorgeous girl was super happy for her baby photos and pulled a variety of funny faces. But this one is my favourite. I like to think she’s saying, “Oh yeah, I am the Queen!”.

baby photos

And why wouldn’t babies be smiling? I mean seriously, their poor sleep deprived parents are running around after them and all babies need to do is sleep, eat and poop. Oh, and cuddle their baby brother for their baby photos.

baby photo

Reality VS Expectations

However, not all brothers are thrilled with baby photos. In an ideal world, a big brother would lay down and happily cuddle his baby brother. The brother he was so excited about meeting. But sometimes, the rug is just too darn scratchy and your baby brother is just sooooo heavy that he hurts your arm. At least that’s what Master L told us during these baby photos! And to be honest, I LOVE these photos. And so do the boys’ parents. These photos make me laugh every single time I look at them. And I swear Baby E is saying to his big brother…”Bro! Chill out! It’s just a photo!”.

baby photo


baby photos

Sibling Love

Not all siblings dislike photos. In fact, some siblings are super-keen to be a part of the baby photos! Especially when your baby sister wants to be just like you! Thanks to fellow photographer Colleen from Charlee Photography for sending me these adorable photos.

And while this big brother is as proud as punch, his little sister is clearly not impressed at all!

However, these babies and toddlers are not alone in their dislike of photos! Some newborn babies get completely overwhelmed by the end of their newborn shoot. Because it’s hard work being so darn cute! They’re tired, they’re hungry, they’ve pooped and they just want to get outta there! And I find these photos absolutely adorable too. I’m sorry little one xx


And some babies are just totally unimpressed with the entire situation…


Yet others quite enjoy their baby photos!

photograph baby

And other babies are just one pinky raise away from a perfect “Dr Evil” impersonation.

And some babies will go to great lengths to make sure I’m paying attention.

“Yo! Look over here!”

newborn photography

Baby Photos Are Hard Work

Yes, it’s true. Taking baby photos is really hard work. Honestly, by the end of a newborn session, I’m hot, sweaty, covered in poop or wee (usually both) and desperately need a massage, a nap and a shower! But not necessarily in that order. It is exhausting work. And I’m pretty sure the babies feel the same.


Notice the sneaky little peace sign from this little guy?

newborn photo

Babies Pull the Funniest Faces

And it’s not just my clients’ babies that crack me up! So I asked a friend (also a newborn photographer) to send me some baby photos that made her giggle. Claire from The Newborn Studio sent me these crackers!

Master C doing his best Spiderman impersonation.


And Master J…not convinced about this whole photography gig.

And some babies just like to flex their muscles…


or do their very best Superman impression.

While other babies just enjoy sleeping right through the entire session.

photo of baby

smiling babynewborn

new baby

Are You Smiling Yet?

So, is your face sore from smiling yet? Because I hope these gorgeous faces have brightened your day. But, here’s a few more cute baby photos, just in case you need it!




photo of baby

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Thank you to my contributors of gorgeous baby photos Claire of The Newborn Studio and Colleen from Charlee Photography. Head over to their websites to check out more of their gorgeous baby photos.


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