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I am beyond thrilled same sex weddings are now legally binding. And it’s about bloody time! However, in light of the “YES” vote, there is now discussion about wedding vendors being able to provide, or rather, decline to provide services for same sex couples.

I would just like to voice my opinion, as loud as my written word can convey…


Seriously??? It makes no difference to me if you’re a same-sex couple or heterosexual couple. Because I’m ALL about the love and everybody’s equal right to marry the person they love.

I have photographed four same-sex weddings and a transgender wedding over the past 20 years. And I look forward to photographing many, many more.

Because my experience with these weddings has been so beautiful. To see these couples, who have undoubtedly faced discrimination and adversity, stand before their friends and family and promise their life-long commitment to each other has literally brought tears to my eyes. Seriously, I blubbered at every one!

The love, support and acceptance I witnessed at these unions was so very special and something I wish for ALL people.

Because really, don’t we all wish to find another person, be it friend, lover, husband or wife, who just loves and accepts us exactly as we are? Free from judgements or conditions?

It’s just acceptance plain and simple…and you will always find it here.

Much love and acceptance,




Same Sex Weddings Same Sex Weddings Same Sex Weddings – A Testimonial From Greg and James

“Alison, we wanted to express how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. You are such a down-to-earth lady and made us feel so comfortable. We didn’t feel like a number, you cared about us and you weren’t judgemental. We talked about what we wanted and you were professional and gave us options from what we had initially discussed over the phone. We met a couple of times before the ceremony to help us plan and to enable you to get to know us as a couple which would help you capture “us” through the lens of the camera.

We really explained on the first meeting how important it was for you to capture not only us but our Mums on the day. For James and myself, finding the right photographer was a major part of the day. Someone who truly understands that documenting same sex weddings involves more than turning up on the day with camera gear. And it’s about discovering the nature of the two people and their relationship. And also finding a way to capture their love, unity and memorable moments that are a reflection of them. The key is finding out what truly makes two people a partnership – it’s the same key ingredient no matter the couple – gay or straight”.


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If you’re looking for an awesome photographer who is accepting, open-minded and loves photographing same sex weddings, I’d love to hear from you! I have photographed over 600 weddings during my 20 years in the wedding industry. I love ALL weddings! My approach to your wedding day will be fun, creative and professional.

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