The Importance of Family Photography

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It’s quite daunting when your friend, who is an amazing photographer, asks you to capture some family photos for her. However, I love Sheryn to bits so there was NO way I’d refuse her request because of a few little nerves. Thankfully we were doing family photography before Sheryn’s birthday party so we both partook in a few cheeky beverages to help us both relax before the big shoot.

Yes, we photographers get nervous too! Particularly when doing family photography for dear friends who have teenagers! Most people think photographing toddlers is hard work but it’s the teenagers that are terrifying! They usually have far more interesting things to do besides having their photos taken (although teens are famous for the selfie) and teens like the family photography session to be quick, painless and over as soon as possible. It’s the reason I haven’t any recent family photos of my own kids!

We Rocked The Family Shoot!

However, Sheryn’s kids were amazing and we totally rocked the shoot! They knew these photos were important to their Mum and they were all super co-operative during the session. Their only request was it be super-fast, relaxed and a fun shoot. As Sheryn is lucky enough to have a fabulous space behind her home, we all just strolled out the backdoor. We wandered around, had a few laughs, chatted to the neighbour’s dogs and laughed at the photo-bombing horse who refused to be left out of photos.

It was super-quick, the kids were happy and soon returned to doing all the fun things teens like to do 🙂

The shoot was also really special as Sheryn’s parents, who live in New South Wales, hadn’t seen Sheryn for months due to COVID restrictions. So it was somewhat of a family reunion from across the border. And of course photographing Sheryn and her partner Gav was so easy! These two are the sweetest couple and are always so in-tune and relaxed with each other. So capturing some loved-up photos of them was easy.

Sheryn is a photographer, so I know she understands and appreciates just how special family photography is.

As Sheryn says: “Life is to be celebrated and moments are to be captured.”

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for trusting me with your family photos. I hope they’re everything you wished for.

I asked Sheryn to share her thoughts on why family photography is so important…and here’s what she says:

Sheryn’s Family Photography

‘I usually have family photos taken every January, the catch being, I take them myself. I set up the tripod, get the kids to comply for just 10-15 minutes and set the self timer to grab a few frames. And we are done!  But a couple of years ago I started hiring my talented photography friends to do the hard work for me. Kids always listen to ‘others’ more than me so it was a win-win. I got awesome photos and I didn’t have to bribe the kids for the annual photo!
At Christmas time I said to the kids; “all I want for Christmas is a family photo session and I’ll get Al to do it”. We all loved her photo session last year. It was quick and painless for all my teenagers and in just a few minutes we had all the photos we needed!
However, scheduling a time this year has been crazy! The kids all work part time jobs, we had a major loss to deal with in March and then COVID reared it’s ugly head…

Why Family Photos are Important

‘Every month this year there has been plenty of reflection on why family photos are so important, I knew I couldn’t put off something so important any longer. My birthday was coming up so I put my foot down and said “I am having a family photo session on my birthday – that way you all have to be here and it will happen!”
This year was extra special to me on so many levels. Jack and Lily turn 18 in just a few months and my ‘baby’, Cate, has grown up so incredibly fast in the last 12 months. I hardly recognise her! We lost the childrens’ father in March and in contrast to that, I celebrated 2 years with my new partner. All I wanted… and by ‘wanted’ I mean NEEDED, from this photo shoot, was a picture of me with each of my babies, a picture of us all together and then some pictures of Gav and I together. Easy right?
All I want to say is, I got more than I could have hoped for!  The pictures are gorgeous, happy and natural looking (even Jack who always looks like he has just been put in a lion’s cage) and I am so thankful that I have another set of family photos to hang on the wall.
Life is to be celebrated and moments are to be captured.’
family photography
family photos
family photography family
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