Brisbane Newborn Photography – SAFETY

It’s really quite frightening when I see a photo or footage on social media of a “newborn photographer” putting a newborn baby in a dangerous pose. I use the term “photographer” loosely here because any PROFESSIONAL newborn photographer knows that the baby’s safety is of the utmost importance. Newborn babies cannot support their head & have excellent startle reflexes so they MUST always have a supportive hand nearby in case they roll or move. They should never be left in a compromising position unsupported & should certainly NEVER be put in an actual tree, swing, boat in the water of whatever else an inexperienced photographer might try to attempt. Do not ever think this is standard practice for a professional newborn photographer. This is the stuff nightmares are made of!

Luckily Australia has an excellent resource for helping you choose the right newborn photographer & choosing a professional photographer should be a priority in any industry. While there are many fabulously talented newborn photographers throughout Australia, a great place to start your search is the AIPP‘s ‘search for a pro’ tool on their website. Here you can search for a photographer by location & you have the security of knowing they are professional, adhere to newborn safety & are an accredited photographer.

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And there are so many of us to choose from! Hiring an amateur is just not worth the risk so head on over to the AIPP website & find the perfect accredited professional photographer for you.

Here are some of examples of safely composited newborn images. There is ALWAYS a hand on baby or one just in reach.