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Brisbane Pet Photography

“Once you’ve been loved by a dog, your life will never be the same.”

Brisbane Pet Photography

Pet Photography Brisbane

Do you have a much-loved pooch? Is your dog ridiculously spoiled and pampered? Are some of your best conversations with your dog? Then YOU are my people. I totally understand how much you love your pet. I’m guilty of spoiling our dogs (we have three) to the point they think they’re human. Seriously, I have to fight them for the bed covers. Every. Single. Night. Our pets are such loved family members it’s only natural to want to include them in our family photos. This is why I LOVE offering cute and personality-filled pet photography in Brisbane.

A Brisbane pet photography session

Pet photography sessions can be just for your dog, or you can join in too. 

Whether you prefer an outdoor pet photography session or a pet photography session in my Lawnton studio, I’ll find out all about you and your pets.

Their names, their kooky personalities, and all the things you love about your pet.

By the time your pet photography session rolls around, I’ll know all about your beloved fur baby.

Pet Photography Session Fee

All photography sessions are $150 and last approximately 1 hour. 

Your pet photography session will be outside at one of the dog-friendly parks in north Brisbane.

Or in my studio in Lawnton, 25km north of Brisbane.

So your pooch will have an exciting outdoor adventure, or a pampered studio session when having his photo taken.

Your session includes:

  • A consultation prior to your session to help you plan your pet photography shoot.
  • A styling and preparation guide to help you pet’s photos to remain timeless.
  • A one-hour session at one of my favourite outdoor, dog-friendly locations, or in-studio.
  • A viewing session in my studio to choose your favourite images.
  • A design consultation to help you choose your artwork for your home.

Ready to book your pet’s portrait session?

I offer a range of professionally crafted wall art, canvases, albums, and products.

Digital collections start at $695.

Albums and fine art print collections start at $750.

Pet photography artwork

Capture your pet's personality with photography

Have you ever had photos with your beloved fur baby? 

Because the sad part of being a pet owner is, we simply don’t have enough time with them.

Many of my families have come to me at the end of their pet’s life, to document their life and to capture lasting memories of their pet. 

When we lost our beautiful old boy Diesel, we documented his entire last day as we shared a few last adventures with him.  The photos helped us in the months after his passing.

Brisbane pet photography

About Your Pet Photography Session

A pet photography session with me is just a fun afternoon at the local dog park. 

We’ll share some laughs, we’ll talk to dogs, and I’ll capture some fun, natural and candid photos of your pet.

And I’ll create gorgeous portraits that will become beautiful artwork for your home.

Are you ready to book your pet photography session in Brisbane?

Send me an email and tell me all about your crazy, kooky, beloved pets.

Bonus points for all dogs with names like Susan, Kevin, Bruce and Trevor.

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