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Brisbane photographer
Brisbane photographer
brisbane photographer
Brisbane photographer

Hi there!
My name is Alison.

Brisbane Photographer. Dog Lover. Wine Connoisseur.

Where did my career as a Brisbane photographer begin?

Well, photography was an unintentional, somewhat accidental, career path which began with a job interview at a video store. Yep, a video store. Remember when videos were a thing?

I was a wild and party-loving 17-year-old living in the Whitsundays when, after a particularly mammoth night dancing and drinking at the local pub, I rocked up for a job interview at a video store.

The interview didn’t last long (which my foggy head and churning tummy were grateful for), just long enough for the owner to get my date of birth.

The owner was a quirky lady, a spiritualist type who wore kaftans, chunky jewellery made from sticks and rocks, and talked in a breathy whisper like she was summoning up some mystical being.

The next day, she called me, all excited in her whispery voice and I envisioned her, phone in one hand, enormous wooden spoon in the other, conjuring-up an exotic potion in a dark room with a smoking cauldron.

But she didn’t offer me a job in her video store.

Instead, she’d taken my birth details and created an astrology chart reading for me.

If you’ve never heard of an astrology chart reading, it apparently reveals your strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for soul growth.

Totally normal right?

Anyway, as it turned out, my chart revealed I was fated to work at her husband’s photography lab.

And so, my Brisbane photography career began.

I bought myself a second-hand Pentax K1000 for $150. It was the most coolest thing I’d ever owned! 

I learned everything I could about photography and photographed anyone who’d let me.

And gradually, I got good at the photography thing!

So here I am! A Brisbane photographer with two decades of experience photographing hundreds of weddings, families and babies. 

And I’m still passionate about photography.

It’s fun, it’s awesome and I freaking LOVE it.

What more can a girl want?

Except wine and dogs 🙂 

If I sound like your kind of person, drop me a line here.

Fun Facts

  • I LOVE storytelling. In fact, I have a Degree in Communications with majors in journalism and public relations.
  • Old things, I love them! I collect old cameras and vintage pieces. My latest purchase is a 1965 radiogram. Most nights you’ll find me dancing to old vinyls in my kitchen.
  • DOG CRAZY! Yes, I’m completely mad about dogs and love staffies. They’re equally crazy and fit right into my often crazy household.
  • I’ve won a few awards over the years and am an Associate member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). I hope to get my Masters soon!
  • I’m a red wine lover and I dream of owning a vineyard where I can own lots of dogs with names like Trevor, Roger and Dave.
  • I LOVE singing. Really loudly and very badly.
  • I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic and love running and working out.
  • And I LOVE travelling! Overseas or Australia it doesn’t matter where. The world is one big adventure.
  • I’m a renowned party girl.
  • Family is everything.

Famous Quote: “If you haven’t experienced the love of a dog, have you ever really been loved at all?”

Superpowers: I immortalise people. Can make wine disappear. And I made 2 pretty awesome humans.

Famous last words: “I’ll just have one more glass”

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