Family and wedding photographer north Brisbane

I have so much LOVE for these people! It’s hard to imagine that we started our relationship as photographer & client 15 years ago when Mish called me up to take some family photos of her & her partner Luke & their 1 year old daughter Elliah. You know sometimes you meet a person & you just instantly connect? Well that’s how it was with us. We became instant friends over coffee, then wine & many, many laughs.

And it’s been that way ever since.

Since that first family session I have photographed Mish & Luke’s wedding, then pregnancies & then newborn photographs of their two other gorgeous girls.

Last night we caught up over “Kath & Kim” reruns & a few glasses of wine & I couldn’t resist getting them out in the studio for a few sneaky shots.

Thank you Mish for choosing me that fateful day 15 years ago. You are definitely one of those people I was destined to meet.

We may not catch up often but the times we do I cherish.

And thank you for ALWAYS allowing me to photograph your beautiful daughters (& Luke must get some credit too).


Love you millions, Al xoxoxxo