Meet Me


Once upon a time…I fell in love with photography. It all began when I was 17 years old and landed a job in a photography lab. There was something about the smell of the chemicals and bringing photos to life from a small 35mm piece of film that fascinated me. It wasn’t long before I discovered photography. My pride and joy was a second-hand Pentax K1000 I bought for the princely sum of $150. And so my love affair began….

In my early 20’s I worked in various photo labs, my favourite being a professional lab in Brisbane where I would spend my days scrutinising other professional photographers work. I was 23 years old when I decided to turn my love of photography into a part-time gig. Well, that was the plan. However 21 years on and hundreds of weddings later, photography is a consuming passion of mine.

I’ve also discovered a desire to study & have achieved a Certificate in Journalism & am currently working my way towards a Degree in Communications. Photography will always be a love for me and I hope to one day tell stories through words as well as images. Someday, I dream of making a difference, even it’s just a small one. In the mean-time, my “part-time” gig is now a full-time career and I now have my very own little studio where I photograph my clients beautiful newborn babies. I am busier than ever and I LOVE it!

Why me?…

Because life is full of precious moments that should be captured. Weddings, births and babies are THE most important moments in your life. It’s about freezing those moments…the laughter, the tears and most of all, the LOVE. Let me capture all these moments for you. When it comes to weddings, I am an old hand. My relaxed and easy-going approach makes photography fun and unobtrusive and it will be evident in the beautiful images I capture throughout the day. I am not above pitching in to get things done either and as a result, I am pretty darn good at lacing-up wedding dresses and can pin button-holes with my eyes shut! I’ve been known to double as chauffeur for those forgotten family members, flower deliverer and have proudly been a witness for my smallest wedding ever!  I also NEVER do things by halves, which means I will do my absolute best for you on your wedding day. ALWAYS.

But lastly, at the end of your day, when the wedding cake is eaten, the last dance is done and that one annoying drunk relative has finally been pushed out the door, it will be the moments I have captured for you that will be the lasting reminder of your wedding day…and it was FUN!