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Baby Photography Brisbane

Have you ever wondered how photographers get those gorgeous sleepy poses? Well, there are certain tricks to settling a newborn for a baby photography Brisbane session that I’d like to share with you. The best time for a newborn session is in the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival. However, this isn’t always possible. When Heather and John brought their gorgeous little boy Kane to my studio, he was already over 3 weeks old. When babies are around 3 weeks old, they are usually a little more awake than when they’re brand new. But, there are certain tricks to getting your new baby to sleep. Here’s a few of my favourite tips…

Tricks to Keep Your Baby Settled – Baby Photography Brisbane

Wrap your baby! Babies love to feel safe and secure and by wrapping your newborn baby securely, they feel safe. They also can’t flail their arms around which often causes them to startle and to wake themselves up. It also helps to keep your baby warm and because babies are used to the warmth of their mums’ tummy, this helps them to stay asleep. Of course, if baby stays asleep it’s far easier to photograph baby in those cute and sleepy poses.

Keep Baby Warm

If baby is going to be nude or be wearing very little clothing during their shoot, then the temperature of your room is essential to a newborn’s comfort. A small heater can be used to warm the area where baby is lying or you can use your reverse-cycle air conditioner to warm the entire room. I’ve found most babies like my studio to be a nice toasty 24-26 degrees celsius. Keeping your newborn warm is one of the best methods to help your newborn sleep through their entire newborn photography session.

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Background Noise

It’s so simple! I downloaded an app called ‘White Noise’ designed specifically for babies! It has all sorts of sounds that are meant to drown-out those annoying household sounds. The one I use is ‘doppler ultrasound’ which replicates the sound baby hears whilst in the womb. I find it so effective that it even makes me sleepy! It’s also been known to put the Dads to sleep and there’s been many times during the baby photography Brisbane session, that I’ve looked over to see a Dad sleeping on the couch! You can read more about the ‘White Noise’ app here.

baby photographer brisbanebaby photographer brisbane

Get Baby Milk Drunk!

Hold-off on baby’s feed until you arrive at your baby photography Brisbane session. One of the best ways to ensure baby sleeps, is to get baby nice and milk drink 🙂 If your baby is really hungry, then your baby will have a big feed right before the session begins. This usually makes baby go right to sleep, hence the expression “milk drunk”. However, if baby needs a top-up feed during the session, that’s completely normal. Having your photo taken is thirsty work! Newborn sessions generally last around 3 hours which allows for time to change, feed and burp your baby so they remain comfortable and drift back off to sleep.

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Another Successful Baby Photography Brisbane Session

As you can see, although Kane was over 3 weeks old, he was an absolute dream to photograph. Kane remained asleep for nearly the entire session, except for a few cheeky smiles when he opened his eyes. No matter what your baby’s age, there are always tricks to getting the best photos possible.

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