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Brisbane Pre-Wedding photography

Why is pre-wedding photography so popular? Because unless you’re a teenager, people are usually nervous in front of a camera! Let’s be honest, we’ve all had that ‘deer-in-headlights’ gaze at least once before! I am the worst on the other side of a camera. And people are even more nervous on their wedding day! That’s why booking a Brisbane pre-wedding photography session is such a great idea! It gets rid of nerves, helps you to relax and is great opportunity for you practice your posing.

Who can relate? I often hear: I don’t like my double-chin, my arms, my smile always looks fake, I hate my profile in photos. We all have something we don’t like, so a practice run to find out what poses work best is a fantastic idea!

It’s also a chance to plaster your fabulous pre-wedding photos all over social media before your wedding day. Get in touch to chat about booking your pre-wedding photography session here.

It’s a Practice Wedding

Another great reason to book a Brisbane pre-wedding photography shoot is to try out your other vendors. When it comes to having your hair and makeup done, you’ll want to try your vendors before the big day. This ensures they know exactly what you want for your wedding day. It also eliminates any hairstyle malfunctions or makeup disappointment. And it helps you and your vendors get an idea of timing.

Because timing is crucial on your wedding day! You don’t want to be rushed! Your day is for chilling with your bridal party, sipping champagne and being pampered. Many times I’ve arrived to find the bride flustered because her hair or makeup artists are running behind schedule. Sometimes they’re still working on the bridal party when the photographer needs to leave!

Your day should be as relaxed and stress-free as possible. So, it’s important that your hair and makeup artist know what time your photographer is arriving. After all, your photographer needs to do their job so make sure all your vendors know your schedule too. Having a trial run with your vendors will help plan your wedding day schedule.

Looking Fabulous For Pre-Wedding Photography

As you’re going to look fabulous after your hair and makeup trial, why not book a Brisbane pre-wedding photography session that day! I mean, I don’t know about you, but it’s not every day I get professional hair and make-up done. But when I do, I make the most of it! So, book a session here, then go on a date night! Make the most of looking and feeling fabulous. It will also give you an idea on how long your hair will stay in place and how long your makeup will last.

Engagement Shoot VS Pre-Wedding Photography

Now, there is a difference between pre-wedding photography and an engagement session. Traditionally, an engagement session is a one hour shoot that gives couples a taste of being in front of the camera. It helps them get acquainted with their wedding photographer and also helps them to understand posing and lighting. It’s a great way to get rid of those “in front of camera” nerves you may have.

However, a Brisbane pre-wedding photography session is entirely different. It’s basically another wedding day shoot. But without the chaos, the family, the guests and pressure of a strict schedule. It’s a huge big wedding day shoot…without the actual wedding.

Pre-wedding photography is very popular in Asian cultures. Many couples choose to have a lavish and styled photography session, wearing all their wedding attire. This is usually followed by an intimate family wedding, sometimes weeks or months later. The benefit of Brisbane pre-wedding photography is, it gives the photographer much more creative freedom. Which means killer images! Because the photographer can spend more time on lighting, styling and choosing locations. And the couples have a much more relaxed wedding day because the work’s already done! And they have some amazing photographs to display at their reception.

Brisbane pre wedding photography

An Engagement Shoot

However, whatever shoot you require, I’m happy to chat with you to suit whatever your needs may be.

Lara and Andrew (below) booked an engagement shoot shortly after they booked their wedding photography. They were a little nervous and wanted a practice run before their big day.

And we had so much fun! These guys were such naturals and we had a blast fooling around in a paddock on a late weekday afternoon.Brisbane Pre wedding photographyBrisbane Pre wedding photographyBrisbane Pre wedding photographyAnd their wedding day was just as fun!

Brisbane pre wedding photos

pre wedding photography

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