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Creative Family Photography Brisbane

Creative Family Photography – Brisbane

If you’re you looking for something a bit different for your family photography then you’re in the right place. Because creative family photography is for families who want to include their personalities, their hobbies, or obsessions, into their family portrait. And I’m super-excited to offer creative family photography for Brisbane families who want a family photo that’s quirky, unique or something that’s a bit more…well, you! After all, portraits are a reflection of you, your lifestyle and your loves. So my aim is to create a unique piece of artwork that tells your story and is one-of-a-kind. Just like you and your family.

The Regular Family Photo

For example, this is a normal family photo and I photograph families like this all the time. It shows this family having fun, laughing and interacting with their kids. Which is great! I love this photo and so does the family. But does it tell you anything about them?

family photography brisbane

The Storytelling Portrait

However, the creative family portrait tells a story. The same family above are featured below. Here we get a glimpse into their life. It’s a life where dad is absolutely car mad. He works in the car industry and spends all his spare time fixing and selling cars. His boys love hanging out with their dad, getting dirty, playing cars and helping dad fix things. The youngest boy is the mischievous one and his expression says it all! And mum just enjoys hanging out with the family, quietly observing what her boys are doing. As for the loyal dog Chevy, well, he’s just hanging out with the family.

This is what creative family photography is all about.

Family Photography Brisbane

About the Session

Each creative family photography session will include a couple of pre-session consults in my studio, by email or by phone. Because we’ ll need to chat about the type of family photo you want and plan locations, styling, wardrobe and the overall theme. Don’t be afraid to think of the bizarre! Because I LOVE crazy! So if you’re a crazy cat family, we can absolutely include your 25 cats. And dog lovers? Bring it on! Anything and everything is possible in creative family photography and I’ll work with you to ensure that your crazy ideas are brought to life in a beautiful family photo. And remember, this creative family photography is about you and your family, so it should reflect each individual personality in the shoot.

The photography session will last about an hour, although this may vary depending on the complexity of the shoot. And remember, we’re aiming for one kick-ass family portrait, not an entire gallery like a regular family session. However, most creative family photos require some level of compositing in photoshop. Because of this, I’ll take a lot of photos during the shoot to complete the final family photo.

Depending on the complexity, some family photos will require a few hours of editing in Photoshop, while others, like the image below of a mad-keen gaming teen, took about 40 hours of compositing work in Photoshop.

Family Photography Brisbane

The Cost

The introductory price for these creative family photography Brisbane sessions is $495.

This price includes the pre-session consult, the session, all editing required and $100 credit towards artwork.

Professional wall art starts from just $425 for a 14″ framed print.

Because these awesome family photos NEED to be displayed on the wall. And BIG!

And because I offer a range of products to suit all size prints and various home decor, the choice is yours. You can view a sample of my range of products here

Let’s Chat

If you’d like to learn more about a Creative Family Photography session, please give me a call or send me an email here.

And if you’d like to gift someone an amazing family portrait gift vouchers are available here.

About Alison – Creative Family Photography Brisbane

Alison Cooke Photography is a Brisbane photographer who specialises in creative family photography, portrait, newborn and wedding photography. Alison was a finalist in the 2018 and 2019 AIPP Qld Epson Photographic Awards in the Portrait category. She has over 20 years experience photographing Brisbane weddings, families and newborns.  The Courier Mail voted Alison Cooke Photography “One of the Top 10 Brisbane Wedding Photographers in 2019”  and The Wedding Diaries feature her in the “Top 30 Brisbane Wedding Photographers“. Alison is also a communications specialist, writer and freelance public relations specialist. You can view more communications work here.

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