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Family photographer Brisbane north – Why Photos are Important

Have you ever REALLY considered the importance of family photography? It’s your family’s legacy. As a family photographer in Brisbane north, I am always asking this question of my clients.

“What would you grab if your house was on fire?”.

And the answer is always the same. After the kids and the family pets, it’s always family photos. Have you ever considered the power of the family photo?

The True Meaning of Family Photography

Family photography. Because it’s not just about having your picture taken. It’s about having your story told.

Your story…right now before another year passes and it’s a completely different story. And everyone’s story is different. Deb and Clint have a story, and when their kids are all grown up and look back on their family photos, they’ll remember special moments like the ones captured in their photos below.

  • Like the times Mum and Dad would tickle them until they laughed so hard their faces hurt.
  • And how Mum’s lap was the best place to “hang out” with a sister.
  • How Mum always had their back, ever while they held onto her leg.
  • And how they felt like superheroes when they were perched on Mum and Dad’s shoulders.
  • As little kids, they saw magic was everywhere!
  • A sister was the bestest friend in the whole wide world.
  • Their Dad would sing songs so loud and silly they couldn’t stop laughing.
  • When being twirled around in circles would make them so dizzy and happy all at once.
  • And Rodney, the family bulldog was their favourite ‘partner in crime’.
  • And how the crazy family photographer held the Cheezels for ransom and they chased her around the park!
  • Or when sticking fingers up your nose was cute.
  • And they’ll remember how safe they felt when they were with their family.

These are the reasons for family photography. So one day when your kids are grown you can look at your story and remember.

The fun times, the crazy times and the love.

Let me capture you story.

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Family photographer Brisbane north


Family photographer Brisbane north

Family photographer Brisbane northFamily photographer Brisbane northFamily photographer Brisbane northAbout Alison – Family Photographer Brisbane North

Alison Cooke Photography is a north Brisbane family photographer who specialises in family photography, portrait, newborn and wedding photography. Alison was a finalist in the 2018 and 2019 AIPP Qld Epson Photographic Awards in the Portrait category. She has over 20 years experience photographing Brisbane weddings, families and newborns.  The Courier Mail voted Alison Cooke Photography “One of the Top 10 Brisbane Wedding Photographers in 2019”  and The Wedding Diaries feature her in the “Top 30 Brisbane Wedding Photographers“. Alison is also a communications specialist, writer and freelance public relations specialist. You can view more communications work here.

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