Newborn and family photographer North Lakes

Family Photographer North Lakes

Looking to update your family photos? Well you’re in luck! I’m a family photographer located just a short 10 minute drive from North Lakes. I have a lovely little studio in Lawnton or, if you’re after a more natural setting, I know many beautiful outdoor locations in the North lakes area.

A Newborn and Family Photography Session

A typical newborn session includes photos with siblings and parents and takes around 3 hours. This gives us time for you to settle, change and feed your new baby as needed. And don’t worry if your baby doesn’t settle, I have plenty of tricks up my photographer sleeve to capture beautiful photos of your baby awake too!

And don’t worry about your toddler and photographs because they rarely co-operate!  I swear they can sense the pressure of family photographs! But even if they loose their cool, we will still get some photos that you will treasure.

Why Family Photos

Family photos are a funny thing aren’t they?. You go to your photographer with this image in your mind about having the “perfect” photo of your children. And then…well, kids happen 🙂

But what is perfect? A smiling toddler and sleeping newborn cuddling each other on the rug? Sure, those images are adorable and I love them. But I also LOVE a picture that tells a story. They say a “picture says a thousand words” and it’s true! And in Kate and Matt’s newborn session for baby Eli, the photos of Lochie with his baby brother say a lot.

Perfectly Imperfect Photos

These are some of my absolute favourite sibling photos. Check out their expressions! There are so many captions we can use on these photos and I know it makes Kate and Matt laugh every time they look at their photos. They have these photos framed and displayed in their home. Because these photos, while not “perfect”, are perfectly real. This is life. Life with toddlers and babies. And you can’t get better than that.

I couldn’t resist captioning these photos, and here’s just a few I came up with:


“The rug is too fluffy!”

“Eli’s hurting my arm”

“I hate photos!”

“I don’t care about chocolates and iPads, I don’t want a photo!”



“Dude, seriously…chill. It’s just a photo!”

“Bro, what’s the big deal?”

“Hey, you said you loved me??”

The list is endless 🙂

And I LOVE these images! As much as the “perfect” ones make me smile, these ones make me laugh out loud!

But all that really matters is that you have these photos. Precious mementos of when your baby was little and your toddler had a mind all of his own. And of course most important of all, YOU were in the photos with your children too <3

family photographer North Lakesfamily photographer North LakesSo, if you’re having a baby I’d love to photograph your newborn. And siblings, co-operative or not, are always welcome 🙂

Book your newborn photography with me.

family photographer North Lakesfamily photographer North Lakesfamily photographer North Lakes

About Alison – family photographer North Lakes

Alison is a north Brisbane based wedding, family, newborn and family photographer with over 22 years’ experience. Alison Cooke Photography was voted one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Brisbane by the Courier Mail and one of the top 30 wedding photographers by The Wedding Diaries. She was also named a finalist in 2018 and 2019 AIPP  Portrait Photographer of the Year. Alison has over 22 years’ experience in the wedding, family and newborn portrait industry. You can drop Alison an email here.


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