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Wedding Photography Prices

Weddings can be expensive right? And one of the first things I’m asked is: “How much is wedding photography going to cost?”

And while cost is a huge factor, it should not be the only one. Because there are so many other things to consider when booking a photographer for your wedding. For example:

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What Are You Really Paying For? 

Now, photography packages vary depending on who you book. For example, a hobbyist photographer who generally has a full-time job, won’t charge thousands of dollars for wedding photography. Why? Because chances are, they’re a hobbyist. They don’t have the overheads of a professional photographer who runs a legitimate business.

The overheads of a professional photographer are a necessary evil in running a business. We have insurances which cost thousands of dollars each year. This is for our own protection and for our clients. And they also don’t have the experience or the knowledge required to photograph a wedding. And remember, there are no do-overs when it comes to weddings.

Do you want cheap and average snapshots or do you want to invest beautiful photography that you will love for a lifetime?

There Is No Such Thing As A Cheap Professional Photographer

A professional photographer will spend thousands of dollars maintaining and purchasing equipment. My camera case alone has $20k worth of equipment in it. Which is why I guard it with my life!

But seriously, it’s so ridiculously heavy that only someone with superhuman strength could make a run for it and get away. But this means I have back-up gear should my camera, lens or flash malfunction during your wedding. So, there will be no technical stuff-ups (that you’ll be aware of because I have back-up gear) on your special day.

And then there’s my studio equipment; lighting, props, computers, storage systems, professional subscriptions, educational workshops and editing software subscriptions. And all of these things all cost many thousands of dollars. Which is why a legitimate professional photographer WILL NOT BE CHEAP. And cheap is such a nasty word, particularly when I see on social media people asking for a cheap professional photographer for their wedding day. Because…THERE IS NO SUCH THING!

And to be quite honest, it’s insulting. We professionals spend so much time and energy perfecting our craft and ensuring we deliver a professional service from start to finish. And we are worth every cent. Don’t believe me? Just check out the horror stories from people who’ve booked a dud photographer.

Bride left devastated after photographer doesn’t show up to wedding gets to recreate her big day

Wedding photographer won’t deliver photos and video/ answer emails, calls, facebook messages. Need advice on how to proceed.

Wedding photographer loses all photos in a fire, offers only 90% refund because of “time invested”

Photographer won’t give us our wedding pics

And here is a great article on the difference between a wedding photographer and someone who can take photos:

Why I’ll Never Be a Wedding Photographer

How to Avoid Disappointment on Your Wedding Day

But there’s no need to panic about finding a professional photographer! You just need to do your homework before you book. And while we all have budgets, please don’t book your photographer based on how “cheap” they are. Most professional photographers will offer Brisbane wedding photography prices to suit all budgets. For example, I offer mid-week elopement packages because some weddings just don’t require a whole day of photography. I also offer smaller packages for weekend weddings through to all day coverage. You can check my packages out here.

And when you’ve found a few wedding photographers whose work you love (YES! You MUST LOVE their work!) go and visit their studio. Or meet for a coffee. Ask to see a variety of their work. All professional wedding photographers will have a variety of wedding albums to show you. This will give you an indication of what your wedding will look like from start to finish. And this is important! Because it’s easy to show a couple a few ‘hero’ shots from a few weddings, but you need to see an entire wedding from start to finish. This is a great way to check the standard of a photographer’s work.

How much is wedding

Ask About Accreditation

There are professional photographic organisations in Australia which your photographer could be a member of. For example, I’m an Accredited Associate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. The ‘accredited’ means my work is of professional standard as judged by my peers, I’ve proven that I’ve been in the photography business for a number of years and have all the necessary insurances in place.  The ‘associate’ means I’ve won a few sparkly awards at a national level. That part is just plain exciting!

The other great thing about being in a professional photography organisation is, you know loads of other professional photographers. So, should something happen to your wedding photographer, for example, they break both their legs, they have a whole bunch of photographers to call on and take their place. So, you’ll never have to worry about going on A Current Affair to talk about “the wedding photographer who didn’t show up”.

Check Reviews

Another great way to know you’re booking a professional is to ask around. Do your research and check out their Google reviews. This is one of the best ways to see if your photographer has happy clients. Google reviews aren’t moderated (unlike testimonials that, for all you know, could be written by the photographer) and once the review is posted, you can’t remove or change it. Of course, also ask friends, family and social media too. A personal referral is always a great start when searching for your wedding photographer.

You can read some of my fabulous reviews here.

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Understand the Worth of Brisbane Wedding Photography Prices

And here’s the thing. You’re not just paying someone to come along to your wedding, point a camera and shoot. What you’re actually paying for is experience, knowledge and skill. A photographer who knows how a wedding day runs and can help it run smoothly, is a god-send! In my vast experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve delivered wedding cakes to the reception, taxied a forgotten mother-in-law to the ceremony (oh yes, that went down a treat I can tell you!), calmed stressed-out brides and nervous grooms.

I’ve acted as chauffeur and offered lifts to the reception for guests who couldn’t find a cab. And, I can pin buttonholes faster than a speeding bullet! Yes, I do have superpowers! I also make wine disappear but that is another story altogether.

These are all important things to consider, as well as having professional equipment and knowing how to take awesome wedding photos. And you need to realise that the photographer’s work does not end after a 3-hour or 10-hour day. We then have the editing, which can take anywhere from 5 hours to 30 hours. Along with all the other costs I’ve mentioned above. Because while weddings are fun and I love shooting them, they are hard work!

Sign A Contract – Brisbane Wedding Photography Prices

SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE! Every single professional photographer will get you to sign a contract before the wedding day. Or any shoot for that matter. This avoids any confusion about what’s included in your Brisbane wedding photography package prices. Some packages include albums, some include prints while others include digital files. These are all things you need to know before the big day! It also safeguards you and the photographer should there be any mishaps. Because after all, life is messy, and weddings are chaotic and often don’t go as planned. So, make sure you read the contract, understand what’s covered and included, and sign on the dotted line.

Brisbane Wedding Photography Prices

And What About the Weather?

Many of my photographer friends are family photographers so, if it happens to rain the day of the shoot, they can simply reschedule. However, a wedding photographer needs to know how to work in all types of weather and still capture beautiful wedding images. The thought of shooting a wedding in the rain causes panic in an inexperienced photographer but we professionals are used to it. Rain? No problems! We just need to get our creative caps on and be prepared to get a little soggy. I also have a stash of umbrellas in my car, waiting and ready to use should it rain on your wedding day.

How much is wedding

Ready to book a professional wedding photographer? Drop me a line here or call me on 0418 882 778.

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