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Lifestyle Photography Brisbane – Tell Me Your Story

Today I was welcomed into Kellie, Andrew and Paige’s family home in Brisbane, to spend the morning capturing some natural, lifestyle photography. I love these sessions! Because a lifestyle family photography session is totally candid. No poses, no cheesiness, just you and your loved ones at home doing whatever you love most.

And the thing about these lifestyle sessions is, it’s your story. These photos document your journey, your family, your favourite things, whatever they may be.

So I asked Kellie and Andrew to share a bit of their family’s story with me.

Lifestyle Photography Brisbane

How would you describe parenthood?

Kellie: You can’t; you think you know what it is but you don’t until you do it. But it’s amazing, life changing and the best thing I’ve ever done.

Andrew: Easy, hard, exciting, terrifying – pretty much every contradiction that comes to mind.

Lifestyle Family Photography Brisbane

What struggles have you faced on your journey to become a family?

Kellie: Learning to ask for help. There’s this voice in your head telling you that you should just know what to do or that it’s a dumb question. Also, breastfeeding was so much harder than I expected.

Andrew: We had to find “the place”, economically, geographically, chronologically, to have a family. There was lots of hard work getting to that point in our working lives, personal lives and home lives.

What makes you both happiest?

Kellie: Family days at home.

Andrew: Being together. We’re fortunate to get as much time together as we do, and the love and the laughs that we have together is the best thing in the world.

Lifestyle Family Photography Brisbane

What kind of mother is Kellie?

Andrew: Honestly, the way Kellie took to motherhood was unbelievable. There’s been tough times but she’s never questioned whether she should be a mother. The most thoughtful, passionate and giving mother. She is Paige’s whole world, the best type of mother she could be.

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What kind of father is Andrew?

Kellie:Andrew is an incredible father – very hands on and involved in Paige’s life. They just adore each other and it shows. He does the middle of the night wake ups, nappy changes, the inconsolable tears; there’s nothing that he won’t jump in to help out or support me with and he genuinely loves spending time with her. He’s a part of every major decision I’ve made and I’m very grateful to share the experience with him.

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What issues do you think are important with raising a baby?

Kellie: Team work, communication and sharing the same values. You have to be prepared to discuss all manner of things you never knew existed as if they are the most vital decisions. I can only imagine how much harder it would be if Andrew didn’t support me or agree with me on things like our decision to not sleep train, baby led weaning or wearing cloth nappies as a few examples – and that’s just our experience from the first year… we have no idea what else we will come up against next.

Andrew: Communication. Mum and Dad are a team, and the minute you stop being on the same page (laughs) is the minute you start having problems

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What does Paige love the most?

Kellie: Cuddles.

lifestyle family photography

Andrew: Play time. Which is basically all the time.

lifestyle photography brisbane

What are her favourite foods?

Banana, Nutrigrain and garlic bread.

lifestyle photography brisbane

Does she have any funny traits, habits or sayings?

Kellie: She has this hilarious noise when you quack at her, she responds with “ticka-ticka-ticka”. We love it.

Andrew: “Tickle tickle tickle”

What are her favourite toys?

Kellie: Her walker with its songs.

Andrew: Books

What does Paige love to do?

Kellie: Empty bags/containers/packets. Everything has to come out. Recently though she’s started putting things back which I’m a fan of.

Andrew: She likes to get up to mischief with the puppy.

What do you love most about Paige/Andrew/Kellie?

Kellie: He’s my perfect counterpart and she’s too cute to handle. She’s curious and clever and funny.

Andrew: They’re my family.

lifestyle photography brisbane

What do you wish for Paige as she gets older?

Happiness and safety.

When did Paige start walking?

A couple of weeks ago – just before her first birthday

How many teeth does she have?


lifestyle photography brisbane

Tell me about your dog! What’s her name, how old she is & how did you get her?

Nadi is our first baby. She’s a 5 year old staffy cross we rescued 4 years ago when we were living in Darwin. Paige is her best friend, and you never see one without the other nearby. Evening walks next to the pram and cuddling up to the baby are her favourite things to do, but she’s also worked out the high chair and mealtimes benefit her pretty well too. Paige is amazing with her and we’ve been practising how we pat the puppy – so far we’re doing great.

lifestyle photography brisbane

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lifestyle photography brisbane

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