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11 Gift Ideas to Make Mum Feel Special this Mother’s Day

Hi there!

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, my daughter is asking me for Mother’s day gift ideas and what I’d like to do this Mother’s Day. 

It’ll be bittersweet as it’s my first Mother’s Day without my Mum.

And while I don’t feel much like celebrating, I also realise the day is as much for the kids as it is for us Mums.

It’s a day when they can show their appreciation for us and make us feel valued and special.

When my kids were little, they’d be beside themselves with excitement.

They’d be bursting to give me the Mother’s Day gifts they’d bought from the school Mother’s Day stall.

They’d proudly bring me breakfast in bed, which was usually vegemite toast AND tomato sauce.

Yep. My two favourite condiments. Mixed together.

I couldn’t bear to disappoint, so I’d ask them to grab me a glass of juice and I’d stash my toast in the bathroom bin. 

Now my kids are adults, I love spending time with them; sharing experiences, adventures or just sharing a fun night at home.

So it got me thinking about the meaning of Mother’s Day and what Mums want.

What do my friends enjoy doing on Mother’s Day?

What gifts make them feel spoiled and appreciated?

And based on my friends’ feedback, I came up with this simple, yet thoughtful list of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

So there’s no excuses not to spoil your special person this Mother’s Day.

1. Time Together

Something so simple and doesn’t cost anything! My friends with adult kids said spending quality time with their favourite people is the best Mother’s Day gift idea ever.

2. Plan An Outing on Mother’s Day

Taking time out from the daily grind is something we all need. And Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse for a day trip. Why not pack a picnic, go to the park or the beach, and watch the sunset? There are many gorgeous beaches in Redcliffe, Woody Point, Scarborough and many beautiful parks.

One of my favourite north Brisbane locations is Bullocky’s Rest overlooking the North Pine Dam. There are playgrounds, barbeques, and picnic areas, and the scenery is spectacular.

The important thing is, make sure YOU plan and organise everything. Your Mum deserves a rest on Mother’s Day.

3. Share An Experience

We Mums love a bit of pampering, and it’s even better if you share it with your favourite people. How about a day of indulgence and get a manicure, a facial, or a pedicure with Mum? Or maybe a relaxing massage followed by a lunch date?

4. Pyjama Day

Yep, this made the list. One of my Mum friends said she craves a pyjama day! After a hectic week of work, school pick-ups, sporting activities, music lessons and appointments, a day of slothing around in pyjamas was BLISS. 
Maybe even buy Mum some new pyjamas for the occasion too.

5. Candles – Make Life Fancy

I admit it, I’m addicted to candles. My absolute favourites are Glasshouse Candles and Dusk candles. There’s just something a little magical about candles and fragrances.
For example, having a bath can be quite an ordinary experience. You get in, get clean, and you’re done.
But light some candles, play some music, pour a wine, and suddenly, a bath becomes a luxurious experience. I’ve sat in the bath for hours until I turned into a prune!
Yep, I love the way candles and their scents, transform a mundane task into something fancy.

6. Flowers…maybe not?

Hardly a surprise. A bouquet of flowers is right up there with a box of chocolates. And yep, while flowers are beautiful, they eventually die 🙁
Why not get Mum a pot plant instead? Plants add colour and character to your home.
And best of all, the pot plant will remind her of you, every time she looks at it.
As long as Mum doesn’t kill it of course 🥀

7. Jewelry – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Another popular Mother’s Day gift is jewelry. In particular, Pandora. The beauty of Pandora is they have charms for every occasion. My Pandora bracelet has camera charms, wine glass charms, cocktail charms, another cocktail charm…
But you can buy your Mum a charm which represents something special in her life.
They also have gorgeous charms that symbolise family and love 🥰

8. Let Mum Sleep-In & Breakfast in Bed

Having a sleep-in is a luxury for most busy Mums. Especially if there’s a newborn in the family.

Or in my case, a cheeky 5 month old puppy called Nellie 🐶

Letting Mum have a well-earned sleep-in while the little ones are cared for is the best gift you can give a sleep-deprived parent.
And if you help prepare a delicious breakfast for Mum and serve it in bed…that’s luxury!

9. Vouchers

Vouchers are always a popular Mother’s Day gift, but what about ‘homemade vouchers’? This is a good one to ‘subtly’ suggest to the kids. When my kids were young, they made their own booklet of vouchers.
I had vouchers for ‘kids will vacuum the house’, ‘kids will do the dishes’, ‘kids will cook dinner’ and ‘kids will take the rubbish out for a week’.

It was so simple but it was great! While it lasted anyway…

10. Luxury Robes from Bourbon St

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling down, yucky, or just plain blah, I need something pretty.

Do the hair, put on some lippy, and you always feel a little better right?

Well, the fabulous ladies behind Bourbon St get it!

They know how to make you feel fabulous, beautiful and special.

So, if you’re feeling down and need some extra care, slip on one of their luxurious robes and you’ll feel like the GODDESS you were born to be!

Go on, head on over to their website and check out their range of luxury lingerie for yourself.

You and your inner goddess will thank you for it 🙂


11. Gift Vouchers

While a Gift Voucher may lack the personal touch, it doesn’t mean Mum won’t love it. It’s usually around Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day I get bombarded with requests for photography Gift Vouchers.
Because Mums tend to put themselves last, this means family photos, visits to beauty therapists, masseuses, nail technicians, movies, and restaurants are on the bottom of Mum’s ‘to-do’ list.
Even when Mum really wants to do them!

So why not let Mum spoil herself and buy her a Gift Voucher for something she’d not normally buy?

And if your Mum or significant other would LOVE a Gift Voucher for family photos, head on over here.


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But whatever you do this Mother’s Day, I hope it’s a wonderful day filled with love, laughter, and making new memories.

With love,

Alison xx

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