Super Cute Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Ever wondered what a newborn photography sessions is like? Well keep on reading for a real life newborn baby photography session. But I must warn you, there are cute baby photos ahead. Your ovaries may be in danger!

I meet so many beautiful babies and this gorgeous family is no different. They brought newborn Xavier, who was just 14 days old, to my studio for his newborn baby photography Brisbane. For those in Brisbane, my studio is on the north side. It’s not far off the highway in Lawnton and if you know where North Lakes shopping centre is, I’m just a 15 minute drive from there!

I have tricks for settling a newborn baby for photography – Brisbane

Anyway, Natalie and CJ came along with their gorgeous little boy Xavier. He was just 2 weeks old at the time, had masses of gorgeous black hair and was a dream to photograph. In fact, Xavier slept through almost the entire 2.5 hour newborn session! There are a few tricks to settling babies for newborn baby photography! Firstly, my studio is nice and warm. This helps to get baby sleepy and also means they stay nice and warm, even if they have no clothes on.

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Secondly, I always play a white noise app from my phone. Now there are quite a few white noise apps, you can check some out here. The app I use replicates the sound of a doppler ultrasound, which is the sound a newborn baby would hear whilst in the womb. There are other sounds on the app too, like a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner and running water if you want to get your baby accustomed to noises. However, I’ve found the doppler ultrasound noise works a treat! In fact, many a grown man or teenager have fallen asleep in my studio while listening to the app!

And lastly, I keep the newborn baby wrapped for as much of his or her photography session as possible. This avoids them startling themselves or waking themselves if they wee or poop. Oh, and it also keeps me clean too!

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Bring the Family Along

Yes you can bring the family! Family is always welcome at a newborn photography session. In fact, the more the merrier! And it’s especially lovely when a grandparent comes along for photography with their grandchild. Little Xavier’s Nanna had photos with him during the session and I’m sure Xavier will treasure these photos when he’s a grown man.

Newborn Baby Photo Brisbane Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane Northside

Style Your Own Newborn Session

Because your newborn photos are just for you, you can include anything you like in your photos. During Xavier’s newborn session we chatted about things we all liked. I mentioned I liked Star Wars and it was apparent that there was a Star Wars fan in the family. As I already had some super-cute soft toys from Star Wars, we quickly came up with a cute idea for a photo for little Xavier. After a little photoshop magic I created this image below.

newborn baby photography brisbane

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

It’s not all about the baby!

Once your newborn baby arrives, your world pretty much revolves around him or her. However, newborn baby photography isn’t just about the baby! It’s also about you, the parents. It’s about photographing those first few weeks when you’re a brand new parent and documenting how small your baby is. Because honestly, by the time you come back to my Brisbane studio to collect your prints, canvas, album or framed artwork, your baby will be so much bigger. These moments are fleeting! The best time to book your newborn baby photography at my Brisbane studio is within the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival.

Newborn Baby Photography BrisbaneNewborn Baby Photography BrisbaneNewborn Baby Photography BrisbaneNewborn Baby Photography Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- When should I book my newborn baby photography in Brisbane?

A- The best time to arrange a newborn photography session is during the last few months of your pregnancy. Because newborn sessions book out quickly, you don’t want to miss your chance to photograph your baby in those early days. You also have better things to worry about once your baby arrives!

Q- What is the best age for newborn photography?

A- The best age to your baby’s newborn photography is within the first 3 weeks. I suggest anywhere between 7 day and 21 days as this is when baby is feeding well, settled and of course, is still tiny.

Q- What do I bring to the session?

A- There’s no need to bring anything except yourselves and your newborn baby. My Brisbane studio is filled with gorgeous props, wraps, blankets and accessories for you to choose. However, you’re most welcome to bring along some special family items if you wish to include them in your newborn baby photography session.

Q- How long does the newborn baby photography session last?

A- The newborn photography session typically last between 1.5 hours and 3 hours depending on how settled your baby is. This allows plenty of time for changing, feeding and cuddles.

Q- Can I just get the digitals?

A- No. Selling digital only packages is not a service I offer. As a full-service professional photography studio, I offer professionally crafted albums, prints, canvases and framed art work. This ensures the photographs I capture are produced at the highest quality. However, you will receive the matching digital files from any image you purchase.

Q- Are you vaccinated?

A- Yes! Absolutely! Your newborn baby’s health is so important to me! Not only are my vaccinations current, I practice safe newborn handling with all my poses. Your baby is in safe hands!

Q- Are you a professional newborn photographer?

A- Yes! I’ve been working as a professional photographer for 2o years. I am skilled with handling newborn babies, am an award-winning photographer and a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Q- How much is a newborn photography session?

A- A newborn session is $125. The fee covers the 1.5 hour to 3 hour session, my expertise and all use of props and accessories.

Q – How much are your collections?

A – My print collections and albums containing 10 fine art photographs and matching digitals start at $650. As a guideline, clients spend anywhere between $1100 and $2600 on newborn prints and artwork for their home

Q- Can I bring other family members?

A- Of course you can! In fact, I encourage parents and children to be a part of the newborn photography session. After all, a new baby brother or sister is just as exciting for siblings. It’s also a beautiful momento for parents of those early days of baby’s arrival.

Q- I’m worried my newborn won’t settle

A- Please try not to worry. I’ve photographed hundreds of babies and I’m yet to find one I can’t settle. I have superpowers! But, if your newborn just won’t sleep, we can still capture some gorgeous awake photos.

Q- My baby is older than 3 weeks! Have I missed my chance for newborn photography?

A- Definitely not! Although the ideal time is within the first 21 days, I’ve photographed many older babies. One baby came to my Brisbane studio for a newborn session at 15 weeks! And she was an absolute dream! So yes, you can still have newborn photos, they may just be different to newborn baby photography.

Q- Where is the newborn photography studio?

A- My newborn baby photography studio is located in Lawnton, 25 kilometres north of Brisbane.

It’s all about family

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” –Lisa Weed

Because there are no photos you will love more than the ones of your very own family. If you’d like to book newborn baby photography Brisbane, then please give me a call on 0418 882 778. I’d love to hear all about your new baby.

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