Newborn Photo Shoot – Posed OR Lifestyle?

posed newborn shoot

posed newborn shoot

Posed Newborn Photo Shoot OR Lifestyle Shoot? How to choose?

So, your gorgeous baby has finally arrived! Now it’s time for your much dreamed of newborn photo shoot. But how do you decide what type of newborn photo shoot to book? Photography is such a personal choice and there’s no right or wrong answer. Many people dislike the posed newborn shoot and prefer photos that are more casual, relaxed and taken at home or outdoors. While others simply adore the posed newborn shoot! They love the cute little newborn props, the baskets, the outfits and coming into the studio.

The type of newborn shoot you choose is entirely up to you but here’s a little blog to help you decide which one is the right shoot for you.

The Posed Newborn Photo Shoot

Now ideally, the posed newborn shoot is done in the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival. This is because your baby is sleepiest during these first few weeks. Your baby is also the smallest it will be so it’s the perfect time to capture their tiny details.

However, it’s not always possible to photograph your baby in the first 2 weeks. The divine Miss M (below) made her arrival just as I closed the studio due to COVID restrictions. And while I offered a lifestyle session to her parents, they had the heart set on a posed newborn photo shoot.

Posed VS Lifestyle

There’s a big difference between a posed newborn photo shoot and a lifestyle shoot. Firstly, the posed newborn shoot takes place in the studio. While I’m giving baby some cuddles and getting them settled, the parents sit back on the couch, read a magazine, relax, or even have a nap! It’s quite easy to fall asleep as I use an app that plays white noise which helps settle the baby. The studio is also toasty warm as your baby needs to feel warm and safe for him or her to fall asleep. Once baby is settled or asleep the photo shoot can start!

First, I take photos of baby with parents because it doesn’t matter if baby is awake for these photos. In fact, most parents love having a few awake photos of their brand-new baby. I take a variety of poses such as baby with Mum, baby with Dad, baby with siblings and even baby with grandparents if they come along. Once I’ve photographed each set-up it’s time for baby to have their solo photos. These photos involve the use of cute props such as baskets, bowls, and nests. The parents let me know beforehand what type of props and colours they like so these are all ready when they arrive.

How Long Does a Posed Session Last?

I tell parents to allow 3 hours for a posed newborn photo shoot. This gives us plenty of time should baby need feeding, changing, and settling. However, some babies are just super-chilled and sleep through the entire session! So, sometimes a newborn shoot takes as little as 1.5 hours. It all depends on the baby and your photographer. A professional newborn photographer will know lots of tricks to ensure your baby is safe, comfortable, and settled.

Just check out how gorgeous sweet Miss M is! Even though Miss M was 7 weeks old by the time she visited the studio, we still managed to capture some super-cute posed newborn photos.

posed newborn photo shoot

newborn photo shoot  posed newborn photo posed newborn photo shoot

newborn posed photo shoot posed newborn photo

The Lifestyle Shoot

Now, the lifestyle shoot is completely different to a posed shoot. The lifestyle shoot is generally at your home, so you can stay in your pyjamas if you want! And honestly, who doesn’t love pyjama day? The lifestyle session is basically a ‘day in the life’ of you and your baby. We’ll take photos of bath time, of feeding or just cuddling on the bed. There aren’t any props involved and baby stays dressed in whatever cute outfit you choose. We can incorporate your favourite stuffed toy or take photos of you reading a bedtime story. And the best part is, these sessions can take place at any age because baby doesn’t need to be asleep!

How Long Does a Lifestyle Shoot Last?

A lifestyle shoot is a lot quicker than a posed newborn shoot. These sessions generally last around 1.5 hours and are very relaxed. There’s no ‘hands-on’ posing of baby, I simply capture cute, adorable moments between you and your baby. And the best part…even your fur baby can join in!

Check out these two lifestyle sessions below. Both are super-cute and taken at two completely different ages.

lifestyle sessions newborn baby photographer in north Brisbane

Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot

So there you have it! I hope this blog has helped you decide exactly which newborn photo shoot is best for you. If you’d like to book in for your newborn photo shoot, drop me an email here.

There are so many newborn photographers around, please make sure you choose an *actual* professional photographer to handle your precious baby. There are far too many amateurs out there so don’t risk your baby’s safety by choosing the wrong one. To help you find a professional who will safely handle your baby and provide you with professional imagery, here’s a few things to ask before you book.

Things To Ask Your Photographer

Whatever type of photo shoot you choose, be sure you’re choosing a professional photographer who knows how to handle your precious baby safely and with care. There are a few questions you should ask your photographer before you even think about trusting them with your baby.

  • Are they vaccinated? Your baby’s health should be a priority to your chosen photographer.
  • Are they a member of a professional organisation such as the AIPP? This should give you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a professional photographer and not a hobbyist.
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Check their Google reviews. This will give you firsthand insight into other people’s experiences.
  • Are they insured? Any working professional will have insurance.
  • Have they photographed newborns before? Do not let anyone practice their newborn photography on your baby! There is so many things that can go wrong if an inexperienced person is handling your baby.
  • Do they use Photoshop? You know all those cute photos of babies hanging in baskets? They’re all created in Photoshop. A professional will NEVER put your baby in such a dangerous pose.


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