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Does age matters when it comes to newborn photography

Honestly? Absolutely not. I mean, it’s your baby and if you’ve only just decided to book a photographer and your baby is 4 months old, so what? The point is, photographs of your baby are special at any age. So no, your baby is not too old for baby photos.

So go ahead and book your newborn baby photography now. No matter what your baby’s age.

Why we suggest before 21 days

Well truthfully, most newborn photographers sugesst by 14 days. But, in my experience as a newborn photographer, I’ve found up to 21 days is great. Because by 3 weeks of age your baby is settled into a feeding routine and it’s likely that you have also adjusted to life with a newborn baby. So, even if your baby is 3-4 weeks of age, newborn photography is totally possible.

The gorgeous chubby little girl above was actually 3 months old when she visited my studio. Little Miss M was born during COVID so it wasn’t possible for her parents to visit the studio while she was little.

But that wasn’t important to them. It was just important to have professional newborn photos taken. Even though she was a chubby 3 month old at the time.

The benefits of early newborn photos

Now, there are definitely some benefits to having newborn photography done in the first few weeks. First of all, your baby will most likely fit in the photographer’s baskets and bowls. But it’s also easier to capture those sleepy, squishy poses of your newborn baby.

You’ve all seen those super cute poses right? The sleeping baby curled in a basket or bowl or snuggled up on the beanbag. And because your newborn baby is super-sensitive to touch and temperature, these poses are much easier to achieve when baby is new and sleeping a lot.

As everyone with a newborn baby knows, babies are sleepiest in the first few weeks of their arrival. And the sleepier the baby, the more poses we are able to capture.

old baby photosold baby photos

Baby Photos – include the family photo

Of course, family photographs are important too! Although you may feel exhausted, sleep-deprived and feel you’ve been dragged through the bushes, you will cherish those family photos in the first few weeks. Your baby will grow SO fast! And in a few short months, you’ll look back and wonder when your baby was so small! And remember, these photographs aren’t just for parents. One day your baby will grow-up and he or she will LOVE looking back on these special moments captured with Mum and Dad.

Newborn photography Brisbane

Newborn photography Brisbaneold baby photos

What’s the secret to newborn photography?

Let me fill you in on a little secret. Newborn babies LOVE to be wrapped. Even those little escape-artists who love to wave their little arms around! And once your baby is securely wrapped and all snuggled up in one of my many varieties of coloured wraps, your baby will slowly drift off to sleep. This trick is particularly useful when photographing older babies.

I also make sure the studio is at a temperature your baby will love. Because remember, it wasn’t that long ago they were toasty warm inside your tummy. So while your baby is nice and settled, snoozing away and dreaming of food, we can get all those adorable curly poses. I also have an app which plays white noise in the background. It has such a calming effect it has even put the Dads to sleep!

old baby photosNewborn photography Brisbanenewborn photography Brisbane

Personalise your baby photos

Although my studio is filled with props, you can personalise your baby’s photo session. Parents are welcome to bring along any items they want. If you have special family blankets or trinkets I can include them in your session. If Dad is a mad-keen sportsman, he can bring along his favourite jersey or football. I’ve had everything from a carpenters tool box to motorbike helmet! And recently, one of my Dads turned out to be mad about golf! So of course, having a sleepy baby made it a lot easier to incorporate Dad’s favourite golf club into the session. And from the smile, I think this little man might just inherit his Dad’s love of golf.

newborn photography Brisbane

old baby photos

When baby wakes

However, if your baby is a little unsettled, never fear! I will wrap up your baby so he’s nice and snug and capture some gorgeous images of your baby while he is awake. All parents LOVE those funny little expressions and cheeky looks. So while your baby is awake, it is the perfect time to capture those in-between moments before he drifts back off to sleep.

How long does baby photography take?

Generally, you’ll need to allow three hours for your baby’s newborn photography session. This allows plenty of time for feeding, settling, changing baby and of course, more cuddles. It’s a completely relaxed experience and after the family photos are one, you’re welcome to curl up on the couch, read a book, watch Netflix or have a nap.

Are siblings included?

Absolutely! Your baby’s siblings are welcome to come along for photos. After all, a new baby is just as exciting for older brothers and sisters. However, I do suggest we do these photos first as it’s a long time for little people to wait. The studio is not far from the local shopping centre, parks or cafes’ so it’s best if someone can take your children out for a treat after their photos.

old baby photos

You baby isn’t too old for photos

If your newborn is already past the recommended 14 – 21 days old, don’t panic.

Older babies can be photographed too and their photos are just as special. Although your baby may have outgrown my props but we can always work around that. So don’t worry if your baby is a little older than the “ideal” age. The MOST important thing for parents is to have photos. And I am always happy to make that happen.

So if you’ve had a baby or are expecting, get in touch! If you’d like to know more about a newborn photography, get in touch here.

Or you are always welcome to pop into my north Brisbane studio for a chat.

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