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Wedding Photographer in Sunshine Coast

So you’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! And now you’re here, searching for a wedding photographer in the Sunshine Coast.

And chances are, you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding plans. Organising a wedding can be so stressful, so I’ve put together a few things you should know when booking a wedding photographer.


In an unregulated industry, it’s hard for people to decipher who’s a professional photographer and who’s a hobbyist.  However, a great place to start your search is on the Australian Institute of Professional Photography website. And look for this logo on photographer’s websites.This logo means is your photographer’s work is of professional standard and they run a legitimate business with all insurances and business practices in place. And while there are many great photographers who aren’t members of the AIPP , this logo is an assurance that your photographer is an actual professional and will produce quality work for your special day.


As with all things in life, we all have budgets. And I get it, I really do, but please don’t let money be the only factor when choosing your photographer. Most professionals are highly skilled in the wedding industry, run a legitimate business and have all the expenses that go with it. We spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment.  Our experience with weddings, which will help you on your wedding day, is priceless!

And wedding photography is an investment because you will have these photos forever. I’ve heard plenty of stories of disappointment and there are no ‘do-overs’ for your wedding. And remember, it’s not a ‘great price’ if you hate your wedding photos. so do your research and choose your wedding photographer wisely.


LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! Or like them a lot! We spend the whole day with you so can you imagine if your photographer drove you nuts? ARGH! Because not every photographer/client relationship is the right fit and that’s totally okay.  So don’t be shy, just pick up the phone and have a chat. Get to know your photographers personality and see if there someone you want to hang out with on your wedding day. Connection is important so find a photographer who feels like a friend.


There are no stupid questions so don’t be afraid to ask. It’s a wedding photographers job to make sure your day runs smoothly. So, tell us all about your family dynamics, your special requests for photos, the photos you love and the ones you hate. Your photographer is there to capture your day for you! So, don’t be afraid ask.

Know what you’re getting

Always ask what’s included. We all offer different packages, products and coverage for weddings. There are many alternatives so please make sure you know what you’re getting so there’s no surprises. And sign a contract! Do not proceed with a booking unless you have one.

Have fun

That’s all. On the wedding day, enjoy yourself. And if you choose your photographer wisely, they will help you with that too.

About Alison – Wedding Photographer in Sunshine Coast

Alison Cooke Photography is a Brisbane wedding photographer, portrait and newborn photographer and an award-winning member of the AIPP. She has over 20 years experience in the wedding, family and newborn portrait industry. Alison was voted “One of the Top 10 Brisbane Photographers in 2019” by the Courier Mail. Book your Sunshine Coast wedding photographer here.

wedding photographer in Sunshine Coast

wedding photographer in Sunshine Coast

wedding photographer in Sunshine Coast

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