Brisbane Newborn photography packages

*sigh* you know what I miss about the good old film days? (Yes that’s right…I’m THAT old that I started shooting on film.) No one ever asked me for ‘just the negatives’. It was expected that your photographer would shoot some fabulous images & then you would be presented with something tangible. It might have been an album, a framed print or just some some 6×4 inch images.Remember when your photos were so AWESOME that you requested ‘doubles’ of everything? No? Just me?? Anyway, I digress…But none-the-less, you would always have something you could hold, show your family, pass around to friends or put in a frame. I LOVED that it was the norm.

Digital changed all that & I don’t know why? The images we take are still just as precious & just as important yet people don’t seem to want a good old fashioned photograph anymore. It seems to be more important to get the digital negative that will sit on a hard drive, unseen & possibly forgotten. Maybe these images are destined to be a screensaver or a badly printed photograph that cost 30 cents each.

Well I’m hear to tell you that photographs have gotten MORE awesome! We now have the option to print them on amazing art paper, torn edges, textured paper, metallic paper, wood, acrylic, canvas, bamboo…the list is endless!

I love that the photographs I’ve taken are going to sit on coffee table while my couples fondly reminisce about their wedding day. I love that children will sit & gaze at their very own newborn portrait hanging proudly on their parents wall. I LOVE that when a Mum picked up her prints yesterday, she gushed over them & hugged me 3 times!

Print those images! Convert those files into artworks! Because a file on it’s own has no value. A book, a print or piece of wall art…that’s priceless.