Samford Family Photographer

Samford Family Photographer

Last week I was chatting to my very dear friend about getting some family photographs of her & her boys. As is typical with so many women, she proceeded to list all of her ‘flaws’ & how these were the reason she wasn’t ready for family photos just yet.

So I asked her…”Do you think your boys see these ‘flaws’ or do they just see you as the beautiful, caring Mum that you are?”.

She knew I was right.  The chances are NOBODY other than yourself actually notices the ‘flaws’ that are holding you back.

So I told her..”Don’t be THAT Mum that isn’t IN the photos with her kids. They don’t care what you look like, if your hair is messy or you’re not as thin as you were last year. All they care is that you are THERE in the photo. With them”.

So we headed out to Samford on a gorgeous Friday afternoon for a short little family session.

And these are the result…