wedding photographer Brisbane

Over the years there are wedding traditions that are passed down generation to generation, but over time new traditions are born; some arise through sentiment, some through circumstance. Lately I’ve noticed a few new traditions emerging and I have to say…I am just loving the progressive changes in wedding traditions. Recently I’ve photographed quite a few weddings where the bride has a male friend as one of her attendants…known as the ‘bridesman’.

Greg and Claire’s wedding on the 7th of March was one such wedding with Claire’s brother who did a fantastic job at filling the role of ‘bridesman’. Greg and Claire’s wedding was, without doubt, one of the most organised weddings I have ever photographed. Greg it seems, is somewhat of a planner and had emailed his wedding providers the entire day’s ‘agenda’…three times! All Greg’s careful planning paid off as the day went off without a hitch and subsequently the day was relaxed, stress-free and a lot of fun!

Another of my favourite new traditions is “the reveal”. This is where the groom meets the bride before the ceremony. I was so excited when Greg and Claire told me they were doing a ‘reveal’. That first glance of the bride…it is such a special moment and with the assistance of my second shooter Amy we were able to plan ahead so that every expression, smile and tear could be captured unhindered from crowds of guests and those dreaded iPads and iPhones.

Breaking again with tradition, we then headed off for a very relaxed bridal shoot before the ceremony, free from the usual time constraints which are part of a normal wedding day.

So thank you to Greg and Claire for choosing me to capture your very unique day. I loved every single progressive minute of it!

I wish you a long and happy marriage filled with lots of love, laughter and the creation of many new traditions.

Alison xx