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Dog People Are the Best People

I have a confession to make. I am one of those Brisbane puppy photographers who is a self-confessed crazy dog lover. Honestly, when I’m feeling down, I cuddle my dog. Or watch funny puppy videos on Youtube, or all of these things! Because dogs are the loyalest of creatures and they’re ALWAYS happy to see you! And I mean REALLY excited. For example, one time, I came home after shooting a huge wedding and our dog was so happy to see me he jumped on me, I tripped over my camera bag and we rolled around on the grass together. It was literally the best end to a very long day. Anyway, I’m digressing.

We’re ALL Crazy Dog People – Brisbane Puppy Photographers

I’m not alone. My husband is just as bad, if not worse. He’s guilty of spoiling our dog so much, that he (our dog) actually doesn’t realise he is a dog. He enjoys home cooked meals and splashing by the pool. Hmm, that sounds like a dating profile. And not to mention he’s ridiculously comfortable stealing our bed. He’s also the subject for many of my photos, crazy and otherwise!

brisbane photographers

In case you’re wondering, this image was photographed for the AIPP Professional Photography Awards and is purely satirical. This was published in The Australian and I was quite shocked at how triggered some people get over dogs in beds! We were criticized for having a dog who isn’t neutered, while another concerned reader questioned the strength of our marriage. By the way, 25 years together and still happy! We’re going alright, but thanks for the concern random reader.  They’re obviously NOT crazy dog people. Seriously, some people just need to chill out, grab a wine and go watch some funny dog videos. Or hug a dog! You can possibly view the “controversial” publication here if you don’t hit the paywall 😉

And yes, this is a legit photo! He loves the bath! In fact, just last Friday after a very stressful day, I ran myself a bath, lit some candles, played some relaxing music and went to grab a wine while the bath filled. I came back to find our cheeky boy attempting to get in! NOT ON MY WATCH! I do draw the line at bath stealing. It’s just poor form.

brisbane puppy photographers
dog in bubble bath

Staffys Are the Best!

And while we are self-confessed dog lovers, staffys are by-far, our favourite. Their crazy personalities fit in so well with our crazy household. We’ve always had staffys and we are just crazy about them. I mean, look at this face? How can that face not brighten your day? We’re always finding him in random places, laying upside down, smiling away. He is the best therapy for a crappy day.

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Welcome to a Brisbane Puppy Photographers Family

So when our adult daughter started asking for a dog of her own, it really wasn’t that hard to convince her Dad. I mean, if you haven’t experienced the love of a dog, particularly a staffy, have you ever really loved at all? And of course, when a cute little puppy comes into a Brisbane photographers’ home, what’s a girl to do? Well, you can be damned sure you’re going to be put into a cute little basket or two!

brisbane puppy photographers

And I’m definitely going to add a headband!

Brisbane puppy photographer
puppy in bowl

Family Photos Aren’t Complete Without a Dog

Just like any new parent, you have to get photos. So my daughter indulged my love of photography and cute and crazy dog photos, and we headed into the studio for a different kind of newborn session.

Brisbane puppy photographers
puppy in studio

Brisbane puppy photographersBrisbane photographers

And I secretly think she quite enjoyed it too. Well, except for the sneezing of puppy snot in the face.

Brisbane photographersbrisbane puppy photographers

A Brisbane Puppy Photographers Dog Crazy Family.

So there you have it, the latest addition to this Brisbane photographers puppy crazy family. And she’s lucky she’s super cute because she chews, she poos and leaves little puddles around the house. But the cuddles are totally worth it.

Oh, and incidentally, photographing puppies is very much like newborns. The best time to photograph them is in the first few weeks and definitely NOT 9 weeks of age! Particularly when your studio has lots of expensive props (aka fancy chew toys).



About Alison

Alison Cooke Photography is a Brisbane puppy, family and newborn photographer and an award-winning member of the AIPP with over 20 years experience in the family and newborn portrait industry. She was voted “One of the Top 10 Brisbane Photographers in 2019”.


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