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Toys that Play Sleeping Music For Babies

Emily and Greg are brand new parents to a gorgeous little girl called Violet, or Lettie as she is affectionately known. Emily and Greg visited my north Brisbane studio for Lettie’s newborn photography. Afterwards, I asked Emily how they were settling in to parenthood and she shared some invaluable tips and insights. In particular, Emily mentioned how a toy that plays sleeping music for babies has helped them through some sleepless nights. As it’s been 19 years since my youngest was a baby, I set out to do some research on this miracle toy called Ewan the Dream Sheep!

Ewan The Dream Sheep

Emily says they’re very grateful for a super-cute soft toy called Ewan the Deluxe Dream Sheep. This miraculous soft toy helps Violet sleep at night. According to the website, Ewan the Sheep has a MoonMode smartCRY sensor which automatically activates as soon as babies cry or stir. This soft toy helps to settle babies by playing soothing music, designed to recreate the sounds of the womb and promote sleeping. AMAZING! I’m actually thinking of buying one for the studio to help settle all the newborn babies that come in for photos.

Benefits of The Toy that Plays Sleeping Music For Babies

Other benefits of this toy are:

Emily says the melodic tunes are so soothing they even put her and Greg to sleep! So it’s win -win all round! It’s great to hear how little Violet is sleeping so well as Emily says her pregnancy “was terrible”. As well as having pre-eclampsia (a condition that causes high blood pressure, fluid retention and protein in the urine. If untreated, it can lead to serious complications) Emily was really sick for the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Emily also had a difficult time during Violet’s birth and afterwards, but she says they’ve been rewarded with the best little treasure. Lettie sleeps all night through, rarely cries and is on the dainty side of small. Violet loves swimming and is already in lessons twice a week. Dad Greg thinks she will be a long-board surfing champion.

Other Advice For New Parents

Emily says their biggest advice to other parents is to set a bedtime and stick to it.

“The first week we did that, Lettie slept through. And we couldn’t have managed without Greg’s mother who came and helped with nights. Sleep is so essential, it can make or break a new parent.”

Emily also recommends getting a breast feeding pillow.

“Even if not breastfeeding, we use it everyday to prop-up Violet when feeding and resting. It goes everywhere with us!”

And just have a look at how gorgeous their little Lettie is. She really is a treasure!


Sleeping Music For Babies Sleeping Music For Babies Sleeping Music For Babies Sleeping Music For Babies Sleeping Music For Babies

Sleeping Music For Babies Sleeping Music For Babies

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